Sheet and Plates Specifications
1)hot and coll rolled, Gr1~Gr23
2)Thickness:0.3mm - 60mm
4)ASTM B265,ASTM 4911,F67,F136
Material:  Titanium and titanium alloys
Pure Titanium Grade:  GR1, GR2, GR3, GR4
Titanium Alloy Grade:  GR5 (6% Al, 4%V)
GR6 (5% AL, 2.5%Sn)
Gr.7 (Titanium + Pd)
Gr.9 (3% Al, 2.5%V)
Gr.10 (11.5%Mo, 6% Zr, 4.5% Sn)
Gr.11 (Titanium + Pd)
Gr.12 (0.3% Mo, 0.8% Ni)

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